Friday, September 28, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

Tonight on BBC4, Flight of the Conchords starts at 11pm. The show follows Bret and Jemaine, 2 musicians from New Zealand, trying to make it New York.

It's a very funny show. Me and my housemates all found it funny, and very strange, a good combination.

Every show they try to survive in NY, and there manager tries to get them gigs. Also there are a couple of songs every week, well they are the 3rd most popular folk parody band in New Zealand.

Look out for cameo's Detmetri Martin, John Hodgman & Will Forte. Also Rachel Blanchard from Peep Show & Clueless (TV) appears a couple of times.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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My mate Dave from work took this during this years St. Giles Fair.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I've just watched the pilot of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. If you recognise the name, she's the mother from the Terminator movies.

The TV series is set 2 years after Terminator 2, where we find out that Sarah has been on the run, but finally settled down, and is now engaged. This spooks her, and she goes on the run again with her son, John.

In the new town, they are found by a Terminator, who tries to kill John, and just like the films there is someone to protect John. A female terminator, played by Summer Glau(Firefly, The 4400 & The Unit), who I think is a brilliant actress, and is perfect as the Terminator protecting John.

After getting over how different the actress is playing Sarah, I really enjoyed the pilot. I won't say anything else about the plot, but they do change some of the things we already know about the Terminator universe.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles airs January on Fox

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Other than Dexter, my other favorite show from the past season is Heroes.

It's about a group of people, who have nothing in common, realising that they can do things other people can't. Like stoping time, flying. Your normal superhero kind of thing. But these are normal people trying to come to terms with there new powers.

It starts on BBC2 on 25th July at 9pm. Watch it, and enjoy.

More info over at

Thursday, March 29, 2007

London Aquarium

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Yesterday I was in London and spent some time in the aquarium, and took many photos. Lucky for me, a lot of them came out ok. It's tough focusing though glass and water, at moving objects. Also there's not alot of light, so I increased the ISO, and it seems to have worked.

Also while in London, I popped in the the Apple store on Regents Street. It's the biggest Apple store in the world, beating the New York 5th Avenue store. I wanted to have a look at the Macbook Pro, as many people have suggested I move to Mac. Also as it can also run Windows either via Boot Camp or Parallels, it should keep the Windows boy in me happy. I'd had a look at one in PC World, and there was just something about it that I didn't like, the laptop that is.

After talking it over with a couple of people, I thought maybe the one in PC World had been around for a while, so probably wasn't the best example. So after looking at them at the Apple store, I must say they looked much, much better. Though I think the 15" might be too big for me, so I might wait and see if they release the rumoured smaller MacBook Pro, that and I can't afford one right now.

While in the store, I sat in on a workshop, and was surprised to see many Windows machines, and only a couple of Mac's. It was about how to use iTunes, and they showed the radio feature, and how to record the radio streams to disk, which I'm sure is illegal ;) also explained podcasts. When that finished, they had a switchers 101 for Windows users moving to Apple. The host said there was no viruses for the Mac. And said some people say that because the install base of mac's is small, compared to Windows, they aren't attacking it, and because it's unix based, there won't ever be a virus. Well from my experience unix/linux is more secure. But just because it's better, doesn't mean a user can't be careless and disable something they shouldn't. I just thought the host gave them a false sense of security. That, and there was a virus for Mac's last year ;)

Monday, March 19, 2007


I've been using Twitter for a while now, and it's an amazing service. If your new to Twitter, it's a service that asks the question, what are you doing right now?, in 140 characters or less.

You can add friends, to see what they are doing, or people like Leo LaPorte, Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo and Darth Vader.

You have the option to make your "tweets" private, so only invited friends see them. Which reminds me, I need to invite more of my friends to it, although many of them aren't geeky enough to want to use it.

This past weekend, I noticed that Leo (via Twitter of course) was going to do an episode of This Week In Tech, on TalkShoe, and when I joined, it seemed they were all talking about Twitter there, especially a mashup of Google Maps and Twitter called TwitterVision, which maps where people are twittering from. It's kinda cool in away, and reminded me of the Twitter screens I'd seen on Flickr taken at SXSW last week.

It really does seem to have taken over the net recently. I was listening to the latest podcast from MajorNelson, and he mentioned it as well.

What's next for Twitter?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oxford Geek Night

The other night, I attended the first Oxford Geek Night at the Jericho Tavern. It was for web developers and designers to get together, "share their skills and talk about new ideas". Now I'm neither, but I've done a little bit in the past, and I'm always interested in new web ideas. Also I Garrett was doing a talk on Drupal in one of the 5 minute microslots.

The talks varied from OpenID, CMS, blog stats, mapping mashups (LiveBus was my favorite) and a brief intro to some of the new features in Photoshop CS3.

The slides for the presentations are now up on And photos from the event, are now on Flickr.

Congratulations to all who arranged the event, and spoke. There certainly was alot of people there.

I also finally got to meet up with Victoria Chan (we've been cyber-stalking each other on Twitter for awhile). She works at Torchbox, who sponsored the event.

Next time, I'm hoping to bring some folks from Ingenta, I mean Publishing Technology.

I think I've put way to many links in the post