Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oxford Geek Night

The other night, I attended the first Oxford Geek Night at the Jericho Tavern. It was for web developers and designers to get together, "share their skills and talk about new ideas". Now I'm neither, but I've done a little bit in the past, and I'm always interested in new web ideas. Also I Garrett was doing a talk on Drupal in one of the 5 minute microslots.

The talks varied from OpenID, CMS, blog stats, mapping mashups (LiveBus was my favorite) and a brief intro to some of the new features in Photoshop CS3.

The slides for the presentations are now up on And photos from the event, are now on Flickr.

Congratulations to all who arranged the event, and spoke. There certainly was alot of people there.

I also finally got to meet up with Victoria Chan (we've been cyber-stalking each other on Twitter for awhile). She works at Torchbox, who sponsored the event.

Next time, I'm hoping to bring some folks from Ingenta, I mean Publishing Technology.

I think I've put way to many links in the post

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