Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Light Graffiti

Recently as part of the Oxford Flickr group, we met up and took some photos know as Light Graffiti.

Since they have been posted, I've had a few emails asking how's it's done, so I thought I'd expand on my replies here.

what a line-up

First up, things you need. A camera that can do long exposures. I've got a Canon 350d which allows up to 30 second exposures. A tripod, nothing specially about this. And optionally a remote.

Now for the lights. We had glow sticks, torches and sparklers. You can use any kind of light, and if you have different colours, you can make it more varied.


For the above picture, we used a 30 second exposure. One person stood in front of the camera, just a couple of movements of a heart, turned the light off, moved over and did it again, and then again.


And then again for this one, spelling out Oxford. but also with lights behind it, doing circles motions, like the Flickr logo ;)

Light trails

For this shot, our lovely assistant Anna, ran around with a sparkler. If you look closely at it you can see the sparks comes off the trail.

Light Fantastic

This one was the last shot of the evening, we pointed all the remaining cameras at the wall, and everyone ran in with whatever lights and just went crazy. I think it worked out well ;)

Peter doing his BeeGees "stayin alive" poseDisco Pete

And for this final picture, our model Pete stood still for 30 seconds, while Al traced a torch around him.

You can find more pictures from our meetup over on Flickr.


Ash said...

Thanks for sharing this. Do you reckon you'd get anything decent with a 15s exposure?

I'm just trying to be one of the cool kids but only have an A620. ;-)

Jazza said...

Ash, yes 15 seconds will work, in fact less will as well, but if your trying to do words, then the longer the better.

Ash said...

Cool! Will definitely have to get myself a tripod and join you at the next light graffiti shoot then!

Anonymous said...

im confused as to how the person drawing with the light sticks is not in the picture. i have tried this and the person is a giant motion blur. how do you get just the light graffiti without having the person in it.. ? please respond !